Practicing at Impromptu Poetry

I’ve never exactly excelled at writing things at the drop of a hat. I’m far too focused on producing a polished product or that and the pressures of writing on demand has been something I’ve avoided with a 10-foot pole. Last night however, I had the opportunity to contemplate on a quest with some friends in the gaming world, Avalon the Legend Lives, and composed a short ditty.  I fully confess to having the medley of “Feed the Birds” by American songwriters and brothers Richard and Robert Sherman in mind as a launching point for the rhyming schemes.

The sea gulls cry as the dawn breaks the night,
and an old fisherman comes into view.
“Mend my nets,” he cries, so often, the wise,
come bearing nets, far and few.

“Nets of pearls, the jewels of the deep,
a lady’s fine tresses alone will they keep,
bring me the gnarled knots, the balsa wood wrought,
Come, mend my nets,” the fisherman cries.

Writing fan fiction is of course, never going to lead to anything serious (they retain copyright, for one), but the practice of writing (often, and forcing myself to be better about writing on the go) is, I think, something I should really try and devote more time to even as I continue to pursue my literary internship and other professional goals. Sharing here as I tend to never jot these things down and quickly forget them again.

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