Life List Revised 2.0

A number of years ago, I published a “Life List” featuring a to-do list of personal aspirations I’ve had for over the decades and would still like to accomplish. Over the countless iterations of my website, this page was buried, lost, forgotten, and recently, resurfaced. I’ve resurrected the original list in an archived post (backdated to when the page was originally published in 2015), which, you are welcome to read the full list here.

Thinking over Chris Guillebeau’s idea of an annual review, I thought maybe it would be fun to bring my life list back and make some tentative goals for 2019 of experiences I’d like to have to still try and achieve.

I think some of the more doable ones for 2019 might include…

Spring 2019:

#41. I’ll be attending a writing conference as a literary agent assistant and hearing pitches from writers. The conference is paying me an honorarium for my time too, so multiple reasons to be stoked for this event, where hopefully it’ll mark my first real payment for work in the literary world.

#49. Visit a lavender farm. I think that lavender blooms sometime in spring (although I need to double-check this…) and I’ve learned in the past year that there are lavender farms only an hour or two from where I live so it could potentially be one of those doable day trip experiences, but I need to get it on the calendar.

Summer 2019:

#15 & 16. I’d really like to try and go to a local(ish) horse track this summer and place some bets. It’s no Churchill Downs but it sounds like a lot of fun really and I love horses.

#45. Bite the bullet and join a major literary organization as a member. Also, get professional headshots taken for my media packet.

Another lifelong goal achieved, I will be able to attend a floating lantern festival for the first time. It’s been cancelled twice by golly, and I’ve got tickets. Let’s light them up!

Autumn 2019:

#26. Walk the Ted Jones Trail In autumn. I’m feeling less thrilled about this idea than I have been in the past. I do want to get out and about more but walking this particular trail holds less meaning for me today than it did seven years ago. I’m honestly debating just taking this off the list altogether. Perhaps there’s another fun autumn outdoor activity I could try. Suggestions anyone?

Winter 2019:

#32. Memorize the “12 Days of Christmas” song.

#50. Memorize a poem.

Life List

#1. Attend Pentecost (indoors) at the Pantheon in Rome.

#2. Be baptised in the Jordan River.

#3. Tour the Crayola factory.

#4. Watch a Broadway show in NYC.

#5. Visit the dollhouse exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago (Midwest activity!).

#6. Have a singing role in a musical performance.

#7. Climb the pyramids.

#8. Eat a breakfast alfresco on a balcony somewhere in Paris the Mediterranean.

#9. Volunteer at an archaeological site. Completed! (Archaeology Day at Cahokia Mounds, August 2010)

#10. Explore Petra by horseback riding.

#11. Go spelunking.

#12. Zipline through a rain forest.

#13. Walk across a bridge over a waterfall. Completed! (Watkins Glen State Park, September 2018).


#14. Publish a novella or novel.

#15. Place a horse bet.

#16. Attend the Kentucky Derby a horse race.

#17. Relax in the hot springs at the Cotton Castle, Turkey.

#18. Watch the ‘Running of the Bulls’ in Pamplona.

#19. Photograph an Aurora Borealis.

#20. Visit a bluebell wood in season. Completed! (Shaw Nature Reserve, April 17th, 2014)
lauren miller_hike

#21. Go stormchasing!

#22. Hike to Machu Picchu.

#23. Selfie with the heads on Easter Island.

#24. Tour the Holy Land.

#25. Take the Amtrak on a jaunt.

#26. Walk the Ted Jones Trail (Midwest activity!).

#27. Attend Book Expo America.

#28. Attend another “meet” with fellow gamers across the pond Completed! (April 2017).

#29. Successfully keep a houseplant from dying.

#30. Ride in a hot air balloon.

#31. Learn archery.

#32. Memorize all ’12 Days of Christmas’. Invariably, we go Christmas caroling and my voice trails off the higher up the list we go…

#33. Become a wine connoisseur.

#34. Sail down the Nile.

#35. Visit Stonehenge.

#36. Travel to Italy.

#37. Travel to France.

#38. Camp out at Ayers Rock and watch the sun rise or set.

#39. Write daily.

#40. Earn an honorable mention (or place) in a writing competition.

#41. Get paid for writing work.

#42. Write a review/blurb that is included on the back cover of someone else’s book.

#43. Write a review that is published in a major journal (e.g. Library Journal or Publisher’s Weekly).

#44. Write a review and have a blurb of it featured in the “Advanced Praise/Reviews” pages inside of someone else’s book. Completed! (“Death Deals A Hand” by Janet Dawson, June 2016).

#45. Become a member of a major writing/book organization (e.g. JASNA, Historical Novel Society).

#46. Speak in public at a workshop event. Completed! (St. Louis Writers Guild, November 2013).

#47. Publish an e-book.

#48. Successfully paint a single word in Chinese Calligraphy.

#49. Visit a lavender farm. Take photos! Pick gorgeous in-season lavender.

#50. Memorize a poem.


2 thoughts on “Life List Revised 2.0

  1. So the lavender farm is on your list twice, & the one in Wright City is having a market (with vendors) on Saturday, 5/18 (see Facebook: Long Row Lavender).

    I can help with #29.💚🌱

    I also learned recently that there’s a pretty cool train ride out of Branson…that’s suppose to be superb in the fall. That would take care of two more on your list💕

    I’ve wanted to do #30 for years, & hear that they have helicopter tours of StL as well.

    I’ll go to the horse track with ya, but I don’t bet. 🐎🐎🐎🐎🐎

    Not sure why it (phone/internet) is not letting me like your posts, but I am reading. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for reading and leaving a comment, Peggy. You’re a gem! Anytime you’re up for an adventure, let me know. I need to update this list soon too. The winter plants you gave me last summer survived so #29 might be accomplished (by sheer luck?).

      I’m aiming to check out Long Row Lavender Farm next month with the family. June is supposed to be peak bloom time, according to their farm.

      Let me know if you’d have any interest in a double date at the tracks too, although I plan on betting (and losing) it all. ❤


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