As I am writing this, we are seeing morning footage of the damage from yesterday’s fire at Notre Dame de Paris. Incredibly, but not surprisingly, the Cross gleams amidst the rubble and the ash. The sacred relics of Christianity are saved. God is merciful.

My heart is joined with fellow Catholics in France and around the globe, mournful for the loss, but I am also hopeful that this tragedy will rekindle in the French nation a return to Christ and the godly principles that can restore a nation, nestled in the arms of Notre Dame, as she petitions on our behalf to the Almighty and Eternal God.

Today, I had been planning to share a word that I received a number of weeks ago that I hoped might be of some encouragement to you:

“You don’t have to walk through every doorway you come across.” – attributed to the Holy Spirit, 03/30/19

What does this mean for you? I believe it means that in the hallways of your life, a door may be open, or about to open in your life, but it may not be God’s will for you to enter. Choose carefully.

When in doubt, I’ve found that what works for me is to try and take the next right step, whatever that is, and then the next one after that, trusting that God will reveal the path as I go along. If that sounds a little like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, you’re right.

When the way forward doesn’t seem clear to you, don’t be afraid to take that step of faith. Believe. And if you suddenly realize that the hallway you thought you were walking down was actually a closet, your next right step is turning around and exiting. There’s no other doorway but the way you came in. It’s never too late to make an adjustment. Just start.

Keep reaching higher,



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