Newsletter 01

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I did regular updates, just for the heck of it, and I thought that perhaps it could be a good way to touch base with you and for you to chime in with comments, if you choose, on whatever it is that’s being discussed at the time. So, no promises but I’m going to try and post fairly regularly (weekly or bi-weekly?) here, just talking about what’s going on in my life that perhaps doesn’t merit a full blog post on. If something catches your fancy and you’d like to know more, please let me know, and perhaps that can be a future post.

1) The list of ebooks I’ve purchased and have yet to read continues to grow. I try to get these things on sale (pre-launch prices) and then hang onto them until I have time to sit down and am looking for a good book. New in the queue: Outer Order, Inner Calm by Gretchen Rubin, and The Story Solution by Sean Platt and Johnny Truant.

2) I’ve been trying out Apple Podcasts and working my way through some lectures on the writings of St. Faustina, as taught by Fr. Ed Broom OMV, of California. He’s a member of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, the same organization as Fr. Timothy Gallagher, OMV, whom I’ve blogged about before. It’s pretty interesting, learning about the lives of the saints.

3) I’ve also been trying to up my Sensus Fidelium lectures, but those require penances and, if I’m honest, I tend to be on the scrupulous side so I generally don’t binge on the conferences because of the backlog of prayers due.

4) Masterpiece released the first photos of the new Sanditon being filmed and it looks gorgeous. I’ll admit that I’ve never actually read EVERY SINGLE ONE of Jane Austen’s novels, but I’ve read that, and was often baffled that it hasn’t really been tackled before now as a major cinematic film (not discounting the web series, either, which was a charming idea!). If it’s halfway decent, it’ll end up being a “must-see” for the season and end up in my bottomless pit of historical drama DVDs lending library for like-minded friends.

5) Downton Abbey is scheduled to release in theaters this September and the local teahouses are already planning for High Teas in celebration. Are there any special events coinciding with the film premiere in your community? Please share!

Here in the STL area, the London Tea Merchant will be hosting teas on 09/13, 09/14, and 09/15. If you’re interested in attending any of those, their website is here.

6) For you creative types, I just learned about CreativeBug, a subscription-based service that offers multimedia (videos) for crafty types. They’ve got individual subscriptions and business plans. While there’s a host of these things out on YouTube, it may be worth seeing if your local library currently is paying for this. You never know what resources you may be missing out on.

7) This month I am celebrating my twentieth anniversary working for the same company. Praise Jesus! All my life, I’ve just wanted to be surrounded by books, so my CV shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I’ve jumped from working in and around libraries, with writing organizations, managing small publications, being an author, shepherding agents at writing conferences, and now, a junior literary agent.

Photo of the Week:

This was my first attempt at a cherry cheesecake cobbler, made with Crescent rolls of all things. Google it if you’re interested. It’s not hard to find. Next time, I’m thinking maybe apples or peaches. Favorite summertime go-to recipes? Please feel free to share.

I’d like to conclude this week’s newsletter with a short prayer of my own creation, and you’re welcome to join in if you’d like to.

Prayer of the Week:

O God, open our eyes to see more like You, that we may come to love each other as You love us. Grant us ready hearts to forgive, and the mercy to reveal in us the areas which need to be corrected or undone in our lives, to grow more like Christ. Help us, like St. Teresa of Avila, to come to see our soul’s true brilliance, and purify our lives in our pursuit of holiness. In Jesus Christ’s holy and precious name we pray, Amen.

Keep reaching higher,



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