Catching Up

This is my first post in over five months. My blog here used to be a place that I talked about writing and my adventures in the literary world. That season of life has now ended so, I’m not really sure what you, the reader, would enjoy hearing about. So instead of communicating that and being open about where I am, I stopped writing for months. I made room to think, and to begin exploring other subjects I’ve found to be of interest. I’m not really ready to shut down this website because, it’s my name. I mean, I may have changed, but, I’m still me, right? That was my line of thinking, anyway.

If there’s something you’d like to hear about, please leave a comment below. You can also contact me and leave feedback if you prefer not to publicly share. I can’t reply to the contact form inquiries, but, I promise to consider any serious suggestions. In the interim, I was thinking about doing maybe a round-up post of subjects I’ve been looking at so far this year and books and music and media, etc. So, keep your eyes open for that (or don’t) and I’ll hopefully talk to you again, much sooner this time.

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