Adventures in Reading

Have you ever had a place that you pass by quite often, but have never made time to go inside? If so, perhaps you’re like me and you never had a reason to, or, never made the time to, but it’s been in your periphery as “this place exists”, but nothing further was jotted down in your mind. To go a step further, after a number of years of passing by this place, perhaps you’ve begun to make a mental assessment of the building from its exterior, noting the traffic going inside, the state of its cleanliness and silently, unacknowledged, affirm or contradict that original opinion formed about why you have not yet made a point to visit this place of business, until something, or someone, changes your perspective. Continue reading


Rejections Are Usually Not About You

I read a wonderful article this morning by Rachel Pieh Jones, over on Jane Friedman’s blog, and I started a Twitter thread. My first. I don’t really use Twitter terribly well (or often) but since I hope some of these ideas may be helpful to blog readers who are perhaps not on Twitter, I am sharing the conversation here as well. Continue reading

Newsletter 08

The last time I wrote, I spoke about the power of God being made perfect in our weakness, and also about how when we turn to Him, we can find rest. Nearly three weeks have past since then, and to my surprise, some of you wonderful people out there are actually reading my blog. Thank you. I hope that if these updates find you in similar circumstances one day, that you will have the courage to turn to the Lord and rest in His peace. Continue reading

Newsletter 07

These past few weeks have been hectic, tiring, and emotionally draining (unfortunately), not the best fodder for seeking to make new friends, try new eateries, or get much accomplished. I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I revert back to those basic concepts of self-care and prayer, tending to my body, mind, and most important, my soul. And in that private, hallowed space we carve out to just spend time with God, what will we find? I suppose it depends on our state of grace, and what God chooses to reveal to us. Continue reading

Newsletter 05

The dog days of summer have come, wagging their tails in greeting and the temps here in our corner of the world are autumn-like, the heat without the humidity, the perfect temps for outdoor activities. How are you spending your summer days? Any suggestions for fun activities? Please share below! Continue reading

Newsletter 04

As July is winding to a close, the chaos of the summer is dying down (and thankfully so). We are relatively quiet people and enjoy the comforts of home. It’s nice to get back to a rhythm of work-rest-sleep. Looking ahead to August, I hope to fill the remainder of my summer with time spent in prayer and discerning God’s will, and less time spent frittering away on library books I won’t actually read, Netflix shows I don’t need to watch, and the endless vacuum of the Internet. Continue reading

Unboxing: Blessed is She 2019-2020 Academic Planner

Every year I tend to buy at least two planners: my Erin Condren for the year, and I’ll experiment with a new brand that I haven’t tried out yet, just to see if the grass might be greener elsewhere. This year, it was a close call between the Cultivate What Matters planner (bright, fun, playful, inspired) and the Blessed Is She (BIS) planner (modern, functional, Catholic-focused). You can see from my post title which one I decided upon.

And then this week, a lovely gold box with Scripture showed up on my porch. Continue reading

Newsletter 02

This week felt longer than it actually was, which usually is a fairly good indication that I’m worn out. The summer months tend to be busier (for all of us), with increased visitors at my day job, and more family-oriented activities, birthdays, etc. for our time away from work. Continue reading