Author: Lauren Miller

First Print Listing!!!

I am so grateful to be included with these two extremely talented ladies. I have so much to learn! If you’re a Christian author, I hope you will consider looking into Steve Laube’s book of publishing resources for writers. And if you’re looking for representation, check out the Metamorphosis website for web form queries (NOT email) if you’d like to submit. Thank you for reading and happy Epiphany!


“Terminus” Standing on the platform, Uncertain who will leave first, We knew a departure was inevitable At some point, but when? We met as strangers, And left as strangers, But the in-between contained A universe of possibilities. ©2019 Lauren Miller

NaNo and Beyond

Hey guys, this is me checking in. For those of you not following my Twitter feed, I’ve been posting there a day-by-day account of how this year’s NaNoWriMo attempt has been going. Since I know not all of you are probably on Twitter (or following me specifically), I am going to try and do these occasional updates to talk about what’s been happening lately. So here we go. For at least three years now, I’ve been sitting on an idea for a historical fiction novel, and for the last seven years, I’ve been struggling to feel the remotest bit inspired. It just hasn’t felt like “the right time”. There’s been a lot of other changes in my life and I wanted to save this project for when I could devote some real time to it, and not add it to my pile of “almost-was” drafts. So, when I knew I was going to be taking off three months from accepting new queries (November-January), I heard that subtle whisper that maybe NOW would be a good …

In Print & Online: Announcing Issue 90

Hey all. I used to pretty consistently post these updates but I missed the last couple of issues. Sorry about that. You can catch up on my recent reviews here. Anyway, I am pleased to announce that the November 2019 reviews for The Historical Novel Society are now available online. Check out the full reviews (and great articles) at: The Historical Novel Society. You can find the print reviews in Issue #90 of the Historical Novel Review (HNR). For this issue, I have two reviews appearing, including Lady Takes the Case, (the first in the Manor Cat Mysteries), by Eliza Casey, and The Number of Love (book one of the Codebreakers series) by Roseanna M. White. Between the two, the latter was more my speed, but only because I generally don’t read a lot of crime. So, if you’re a crime reader and you love small British towns, check out Casey’s novel. I hope you find plenty of new favorite historical reads from among the many fine reviews available at HNR. Remember to please support …