Traces of Mercy by Michael Landon Jr., and Cindy Kelley (Mercy Medallion #1)

From the director and screenwriters who brought Janette Oke’s Love Comes Softly to life comes this exciting, original series set in Reconstruction-era St. Louis. Christened “Mercy” after the medallion she was found wearing, a young woman awakens from a bad accident with no memory of her true name or her past, only a yearning to [...]


Rebekah by Jill Eileen Smith (Wives of the Patriarchs #2)

The story of Rebekah, found in the book of Genesis, is one known to multiple faiths. Rebekah, the young woman at the well, shows an act of charity to strangers and is richly rewarded with a marriage. Almost fairytale-like in its simplicity, the story of enigmatic Rebekah continues throughout her marriage to Isaac as she [...]

A Love Surrendered by Julie Lessman (Winds of Change #3)

It’s 1932, and small-town girl Annie Kennedy has lost her parents, her faith in God, and her home. Starting over in Boston, Annie is determined to run in the same fast circles as her older sister, Maggie. Weekends spent at Ocean Pier and a local speakeasy provide plenty of boys, Dr. Pepper, and repeat encounters [...]

Love In Disguise by Carol Cox

Ellie portrays two roles: elderly widow Lavinia Stewart, and her vivacious younger niece, Jessie Monroe. Steven Pierce is one of a group of mine owners local to Pickford whose shipments of silver have fallen prey to thieves. Someone knows the system too well so it can only be an inside job. When Steven meets Ms. [...]

A Reluctant Queen: The Love Story of Esther by Joan Wolf

This was a quick read at only 372 pages, and the cover, for all its Eastern beauty, is deceptive, portraying a adult heroine whom we meet at only fifteen years (and after her marriage, she grows in maturity I quickly forget to picture her at such a tender age). Some of the highlights of the [...]