A Hike To See The Bluebells

Bluebells are my favorite flowers and today was the first time I have ever been able to see them in person. For the past two years, my husband and I have attempted to go on a guided hike/tour to see the bluebells in their "peak season". Last year, there was some minor flooding in the [...]


The Scientific Link Between Tidiness and Tranquility

This past week I have been on a staycation, tidying up around the house in preparation for hosting my sister's upcoming nuptials.  At this point in the week, I am just concentrating on picking things up off the floor, sorting through piles of mail, catching up all of the laundry, taking out the recycling, that [...]

The Emerald Coast

This year, Dennis and I had the unique opportunity of going on an extended family vacation to the Florida panhandle's Emerald Coast. I've passed through Miami International Airport before on my way to the Caribbean but this was my first real Florida trip.  My introduction to Florida was the beautiful Gulf town of Destin, not [...]

Travel Mementos

Last week I posted about maps and the efforts of some modern cartographers to re-invent how we look at the world (Fascinating Maps Look at Etymological Origins).  Living in a landlocked part of the country, I've never been to either coast and haven't travelled much. Until now. This weekend, I'll be embarking on my own [...]

In Search of the Blue Morpho

The Morpho Peleides, also known as the Blue Morpho, or The Emperor, is native to Mexico, Trinidad, Central America and some parts of S. America.  This spring saw a kaleidoscope of Blue Morphos butterflies released at the Butterfly House.  Although the height of their season was in March, this past Sunday promised to be a [...]