Emerald City: "No Place Like Home"

Spoilers ahead!! Don't read unless you want to speculate on the series and have already caught this episode. 🙂


Emerald City: "The Villain That's Become"

Well, last night was certainly interesting, I'll give them that! I've not bothered writing covering the last two episodes (7 and 8) because there really hasn't been that much going on and then, BAM, the penultimate episode of the season and something finally happens.

Emerald City: "Everybody Lies"

Last week I said that there were seven episodes left (I thought) in the series, as I was counting the premiere as a single, two-hour long episode. It was, in fact, two episodes (despite my blog title) "The Beast Forever" and "Prison of the Abject". So, last night's episode is actually the halfway point, so there had better be some plot development... and was there ever.