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Emerald City: "No Place Like Home"

Spoilers ahead!! Don’t read unless you want to speculate on the series and have already caught this episode. 🙂


Emerald City: "The Villain That's Become"

Well, last night was certainly interesting, I’ll give them that! I’ve not bothered writing covering the last two episodes (7 and 8) because there really hasn’t been that much going on and then, BAM, the penultimate episode of the season and something finally happens.

Emerald City: "Everybody Lies"

Last week I said that there were seven episodes left (I thought) in the series, as I was counting the premiere as a single, two-hour long episode. It was, in fact, two episodes (despite my blog title) “The Beast Forever” and “Prison of the Abject”. So, last night’s episode is actually the halfway point, so there had better be some plot development… and was there ever.

Currently: Reality TV & Copyright

I heard about this idea from Kayla Olson and the earliest example of this blog series I could find was here. Currently: ♦ Loving ♦ Bullet journals. I am addicted to planners, always have been, probably always will be. Recently I’ve begun binge watching YouTube gals talking about bullet journals (which is how I stumbled onto Kayla Olson’s blog). I’ve been journalling for years and now I’m trying to begin incorporating some of the ideas I’ve seen online into my spiral-bound journal. Totally crushing on hand lettering, a skill I wish I had. ♦ Reading ♦ Anchor in the Storm by Sarah Sundin. This is one of those advanced reader copies that I occasionally receive and it’ll be released May 3rd, 2016. You’ll be able to read my thoughts of this title in the August 2016 issue released by the Historical Novel Society, but I’ll say upfront that I’m really pleased with Sarah Sundin’s work and if you like WWII historical romances, this is gonna be right up your alley. I became introduced to Sarah Sundin’s work when I first …

Read an eBook Day

When was the last time that you read an eBook?  Did you purchase it from an online vendor or was it lent to you by a friend/family member?  Maybe you subscribe to one of those websites where you can read an unlimited amount of eBooks per month.  That’s cool.  Have you tried eBooks at your library? Overdrive, a vendor that works with libraries to provide eBook access for their customer base, is launching a national campaign, “Read an eBook Day” and today is it!! They’re looking for feedback from eBook readers like you to learn more about your eBook reading preferences — what genres do you enjoy reading, which authors, what do you love about eBooks? Overdrive wants to know.  Visit their website at to give feedback and also check out eBook recommendations in a variety of genres from: Fantasy Literature Children Science Fiction Historical Fiction Young Adult Tag your favorites with the Twitter hashtag, #eBookLove. I’ll be adding new recommendations from their list to GoodReads. Don’t forget, you can always check out my …

On the Fourteenth Anniversary of 9/11

Yesterday was tough. My husband Dennis did his annual thing of watching footage from 9/11 and I joined him for parts of it.  I still cannot stomach sitting through the whole hour-plus of live footage of the event, even though neither of us knew anyone in New York at that time. Defining moments in a generation Before 9/11, my parents talked about how certain things can become defining moments in a generation. For my grandparents, it was where they were when Pearl Harbor was attacked. For my parents, where they were when JFK/MLK were assassinated or even later, what they were doing when the Berlin Wall fell. I was alive for the latter but too young to remember it with any detail, let alone understand the significance of it so it’s not something that’s lingered in my mind. But 9/11, that was a defining moment, one that I’ll always remember. It was a Tuesday morning in September. I had just graduated from HS that spring and this was my first school term at home. I don’t …