Happy Easter

Christ is risen! May the grace of God go with you today as we begin this Easter season together, celebrating His resurrection. All of creation rejoices in a reflection of the new birth He has promised to those who believe in Him and are faithful to the end.


Postaday: Generations

Today's daily prompt is "Generation". I'm the child of Baby Boomers and when my parents talked about remembering where they were when JFK was assassinated, it didn't resonate with me how one moment could imprint itself so indelibly upon the mind and soul as to never be forgotten. My grandparents spoke of the bombing of [...]

What I Learned From Ben Stiller (as Walter Mitty) About Life

Name your favorite Ben Stiller movie. That Zoolander movie? Classic. That's one of my favorites. Ben Stiller is a pretty funny guy. Recently a copy of one of his newer films, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, passed through my hands. I missed the original version but thought I'd give this remake a try. A quick sum-up [...]