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Entries Close on 1764 Debut Issue

Hey guys and gals, as you may recall, I launched a literary journal (announcement) with the St. Louis Writers Guild and July 31st was the deadline for entries. Over the past week, I’ve organized all of the qualifying entries by category and submitted them to the selection committee for consideration. Now begins the process of reading the entries and finding the best fits for our debut publication. As a reader, what I’ll be looking for is quality writing, original voices, writing that struck an emotional chord in me (because hopefully it’ll do the same for our readers). And if it has a chunkier word count, so much the better. We have a literary journal to fill! Thank you in advance to everyone who submitted for our debut issue (if you’re reading this post). Keep an eye on this space for more updates. For more information on 1764, see our website at

A Literary Internship!

Happy Fourth of July! This year, I’ve got a lot to celebrate. The nice folks over at Metamorphosis Literary Agency have welcomed me on board as a literary intern to learn more about the publishing industry. Metamorphosis represents a variety of commercial fiction, and I’m especially excited about the fantasy and sci-fi genres, as seen from some of their past work featured on their Facebook page. An enormous thank you to Stephanie Hansen (owner) for taking me on, Patty Carothers (agent) who has already been an absolute delight to work with, and Meghan Pinson (editor, My Two Cents Editing) who referred me to Metamorphosis in the first place. I even got a nifty bio added on their website! (see below:) Don’t worry — I’ll still be occasionally blogging here but expect a lot of my free time over the next several months to be spent working on this internship. I’m always astounded by the twists and turns God brings to our journey. Here’s to discovering what lies beyond the next bend in the road. Keep …

We’re Launching a Literary Journal!

You heard that right. I’m partnering with the St. Louis Writers Guild to launch their newest literary journal, 1764: A Literary Journal, showcasing the best and brightest talent from the Guild and from writers from across the United States. We’re looking for flash fiction, short stories, poetry, essays and illustrations. With issues to be released annually (to start with), this publication is seeking entries from writers and illustrators, aged 18 or older, entries to be chosen by a selection committee. The St. Louis Writers Guild will be paying a modest fee for accepted submissions with an e-book and print publication to follow. This has been a project I’ve been layout the groundwork on for a couple of years now so I’m so pleased to announce that submissions are now open. Full details are available over at St. Louis Writers Guild. Come check out the submission guidelines and more at 1764.

June 2017 Edition

Water lilies are fantastic, aren’t they? Just look at the gorgeous coloration someone captured in this spot. Spectacular! The vibrancy just makes my heart sing for the beauty of it. There’s nothing hidden in a water lily, she is fully alive and reveling in glory, a queen of aquatic plants, but always glancing up, towards her Creator. Were that we were all like she. Currently Reviewing Nothing new for the month of June. Currently Editing This month’s issue of The Scribe features a woman testing the durability of the Missouri Botanical Gardens’ legendary (at least locally) giant water lily pads. The Gibson Girl sylph, as I like to think of her, looks prepared to give the musical performance of her life, and I sort of wonder whether the gentleman in the background is at hand, just in case anything goes wrong. If you’re interested, click here to read the June 2017 issue. Currently Writing It’s been a busy few weeks as I’ve begun (and finished) writing both of the reviews due for this month and …

May 2017 Edition

Currently Reviewing Still reading the two books I mentioned last month as most of my free time is being spent compiling an anthology for my local writer’s guild. The May issue of Historical Novels Review is now available and you’ll find my review of For the Record by Regina Jennings in print and online. Currently Editing The May 2017 issue of The Scribe is out, click here for your reading pleasure. Now working on the June 2017 issue which I hope will be at least partially Gateway Con-centric. Currently Writing Not doing a ton of writing right now to be honest, focused almost entirely on the aforementioned anthology and preparing for a move. With next month’s conference coming up, hopefully June, while busy, will at least have more of interest to discuss. As an aside, last month (after posting), I did have the opportunity to visit some various parts of the Midwest (Kentucky, Ohio) and had a wonderful time. If anyone I met is reading this post, thank you again for your hospitality!

April 2017 Edition

Currently Reviewing More like… mailbox watching. The new lists are out and I’ve gotten not one, but TWO new reads, hurrah! The Secret of the India Orchid by Nancy Campbell Allen and Shine Like the Dawn by Carrie Turansky. Don’t they look lovely? I can’t wait to get started! Currently Editing The April 2017 issue of The Scribe is now available here for your reading pleasure. At work on the May issue at present. Currently Writing I finished my little poem which I mentioned back in January 2017, based on a roleplaying game I occasionally haunt. Less and less these days, but still. April also marks the opening of the guild’s annual poetry contest (because April is guess what? Poetry month!) so… I entered. My first time since childhood entering a legit poetry contest. We’ll see whether anything comes of it but I was delighted to be able to craft a piece of work, outside of a scholastic setting, that I felt confident enough in its merit to be open to sharing it with others, …