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I am a Junior Agent!

Dear friends, Now that it’s official, I am pleased to announce that at my internship with Metamorphosis, I have been promoted to a Junior Agent. I am beyond thrilled at this unique opportunity to discover talented writers and help them pursue their dreams of publication. What a responsibility; what a gift! Thanks to Stephanie Hansen for believing in me, and to Patty Carothers for being such an awesome guide, and most especially, to the Author of All Things, Jesus Christ, who orchestrated a twist in my story I never saw coming. For those of you who are writers seeking representation, and have stumbled onto my blog, you’re welcome to hop on over to Metamorphosis and see what I’m currently looking for in terms of audience level and genre fiction. For everyone else, thank you for reading and God bless you. Keep reaching higher, Lauren Miller Advertisements

“So, how’s that internship going?”

We’ve crossed the threshold into a new year and who only knows the plans that God has in store in the days ahead. I am delighted to say that this post to update you all about my literary internship was postponed (since last month) because the internship is still ongoing! That’s right, the awesome folks at Metamorphosis Literary Agency have allowed me an extension on my internship so I can take some additional time to go at a slower pace and still learn the ropes. And what a fascinating journey this has been so far! It is such a remarkable blessing to be able to see what goes on in a literary agency, from the other side of the desk. In my own journey — from a reader, to a writer, to a book reviewer and blogger, to a managing editor of a small publication, and now, an intern for a literary agency — I can see the shift gradually moving into more of the publishing industry. What I’m finding is that my experiences, as …

A Poem on Sowing

I spent some time this morning, at the request of a friend, composing a short poem in honor of farming and the gradual transition from winter to the vernal season. It’s so grey here in the Midwest that thoughts of warmer weather and springtime were most welcome. This is the first time I’ve shared this work (as I literally wrote it this morning over a 90-minute period) and it is written with an A-B-C-B scheme. The inspiration for this song was Camille Saint-Saens, “Le Cygne”, from The Carnival of the Animals. I hope you enjoy it. The Fieldworkers’ Song by Lauren Miller Frozen archways of leaf and twig, Underfoot yield as we descend, the shade of spring as yet to come, to sundered fields from winter’s end. Eight plodding hooves of oxen keep, Apace with each furrowing line, as hand steers plough, the rapids churn up earth and stone, beneath bovine. Embers of starlight cast abroad on starry fields, we now await, With hopes aloft and broadcast seeds, in silence as our dreams gestate.

Practicing at Impromptu Poetry

I’ve never exactly excelled at writing things at the drop of a hat. I’m far too focused on producing a polished product or that and the pressures of writing on demand has been something I’ve avoided with a 10-foot pole. Last night however, I had the opportunity to contemplate on a quest with some friends in the gaming world, Avalon the Legend Lives, and composed a short ditty.  I fully confess to having the medley of “Feed the Birds” by American songwriters and brothers Richard and Robert Sherman in mind as a launching point for the rhyming schemes. The sea gulls cry as the dawn breaks the night, and an old fisherman comes into view. “Mend my nets,” he cries, so often, the wise, come bearing nets, far and few. “Nets of pearls, the jewels of the deep, a lady’s fine tresses alone will they keep, bring me the gnarled knots, the balsa wood wrought, Come, mend my nets,” the fisherman cries. Writing fan fiction is of course, never going to lead to anything serious …

Parting Ways

After several months of hard deliberation, I am now in the process of transitioning out of my role as Director of Communications for the St. Louis Writers Guild (SLWG), a position I’ve held for the past four years. This was announced at the December 2018 meeting but I’d like to take a few minutes to expound on this decision in more detail. I first got involved with SLWG over six years ago, when I began writing for their literary journal, The Scribe, as a reporter on guild events. Over time, I had several pieces published in their journal and anthology, and went on to be the content editor for an annual anthology, The Scribe 2016. Earlier this year, I announced that I would be partnering with SLWG in launching a new literary journal, 1764. Since that time, I was privileged to read a number of wonderful entries by talented writers, as part of this project. If I were not busy enough, this summer, I also began a literary internship which has been an amazing opportunity …

Entries Close on 1764 Debut Issue

Hey guys and gals, as you may recall, I launched a literary journal (announcement) with the St. Louis Writers Guild and July 31st was the deadline for entries. Over the past week, I’ve organized all of the qualifying entries by category and submitted them to the selection committee for consideration. Now begins the process of reading the entries and finding the best fits for our debut publication. As a reader, what I’ll be looking for is quality writing, original voices, writing that struck an emotional chord in me (because hopefully it’ll do the same for our readers). And if it has a chunkier word count, so much the better. We have a literary journal to fill! Thank you in advance to everyone who submitted for our debut issue (if you’re reading this post). Keep an eye on this space for more updates. For more information on 1764, see our website at

A Literary Internship!

Happy Fourth of July! This year, I’ve got a lot to celebrate. The nice folks over at Metamorphosis Literary Agency have welcomed me on board as a literary intern to learn more about the publishing industry. Metamorphosis represents a variety of commercial fiction, and I’m especially excited about the fantasy and sci-fi genres, as seen from some of their past work featured on their Facebook page. An enormous thank you to Stephanie Hansen (owner) for taking me on, Patty Carothers (agent) who has already been an absolute delight to work with, and Meghan Pinson (editor, My Two Cents Editing) who referred me to Metamorphosis in the first place. I even got a nifty bio added on their website! (see below:) Don’t worry — I’ll still be occasionally blogging here but expect a lot of my free time over the next several months to be spent working on this internship. I’m always astounded by the twists and turns God brings to our journey. Here’s to discovering what lies beyond the next bend in the road. Keep …

We’re Launching a Literary Journal!

You heard that right. I’m partnering with the St. Louis Writers Guild to launch their newest literary journal, 1764: A Literary Journal, showcasing the best and brightest talent from the Guild and from writers from across the United States. We’re looking for flash fiction, short stories, poetry, essays and illustrations. With issues to be released annually (to start with), this publication is seeking entries from writers and illustrators, aged 18 or older, entries to be chosen by a selection committee. The St. Louis Writers Guild will be paying a modest fee for accepted submissions with an e-book and print publication to follow. This has been a project I’ve been layout the groundwork on for a couple of years now so I’m so pleased to announce that submissions are now open. Full details are available over at St. Louis Writers Guild. Come check out the submission guidelines and more at 1764.

June 2017 Edition

Water lilies are fantastic, aren’t they? Just look at the gorgeous coloration someone captured in this spot. Spectacular! The vibrancy just makes my heart sing for the beauty of it. There’s nothing hidden in a water lily, she is fully alive and reveling in glory, a queen of aquatic plants, but always glancing up, towards her Creator. Were that we were all like she. Currently Reviewing Nothing new for the month of June. Currently Editing This month’s issue of The Scribe features a woman testing the durability of the Missouri Botanical Gardens’ legendary (at least locally) giant water lily pads. The Gibson Girl sylph, as I like to think of her, looks prepared to give the musical performance of her life, and I sort of wonder whether the gentleman in the background is at hand, just in case anything goes wrong. If you’re interested, click here to read the June 2017 issue. Currently Writing It’s been a busy few weeks as I’ve begun (and finished) writing both of the reviews due for this month and …