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Daily Word Count – Feb 24, 2016

So Saturday night I began feeling unwell and went to bed early. This is Wednesday morning and I’m still sick. I took a day off yesterday to rest but I am going to have to go in today (edited PM: called in sick, again) and despite nine hours of intermittent sleep, I am worn out, which leads me to a funny story of a sort about my trip to the pharmacist last night. Besides picking up cough drops (Halls, tropical flavour, and they’ve got motivational quotes on the wrappers like, “You’ve survived tougher” and “Put your game face on”), I picked up a generic bottle of some sort of cold/flu medicine. They asked for my DL. Really?  For cold/flu medicine?  What is this, an episode of Breaking Bad? Apparently whatever they gave me has a potent ingredient that can destroy my liver if I O.D. on it (great) and not only did they scan my DL, but I had to sign some sort of waiver electronically that I wasn’t going to abuse its use. WTH are …

Daily Word Count – Feb 23, 2016

 Writing to: Baroque by Gabriela Montero I’m feeling great about what I’m working on today. I’ve begun shifting around scenes to (hopefully) improve the overall flow of the story and I’ve plugged in a sketch of the plot points still to write and an idea of what page number I should be at so when I begin the heavy writing I have a bullseye that I will be aiming for. I’m digging the classical music by Gabriela Montero for background, some jazzy-themed, some improv. I can’t write to lyrics — they just screw with my head too much. If you’ve been following my Twitter (or previous blog posts), then you know that the untitled adult spec fiction is a screenplay tentatively titled Borderlands, although I will most likely have to dub it something else as it calls to mind the dystopian alien video game of the same name (no connection!). Screenplay format doesn’t translate well to regular fiction — at least in terms of word count — so I’m trying to picture the finished product …

Daily Word Count – Feb 22, 2016

02/21/16 – Bone tired and feverish. Went to bed early. 02/22/16 – Still sick. I did compile an old Scrivener file and export out Act 1 and Act 2 of a screenplay I got critiqued in college workshops, the screenplay was tentatively titled Borderlands, which pre-dated the video game of the same name by a year, year and a half (2007-2008). No connection to the video game. I’ve also exported the spec treatment I wrote up.  I’ve re-arranged some of the events on the treatment and compared it to the actual draft to get a clearer idea of how much remains to be written. Basically, when I began writing it, it was meant to be a 90-minute screenplay. Given that it’s a science fiction story, realistically it ought to be closer to 120-minutes in length. So, halfway! After speaking with a writing friend (thanks Eric L.), I’ve decided to take a crack at finishing it in screenplay format before I look at converting it to fiction. Better something complete than two things, half-finished. Good to get one’s bearings but goodness …

Daily Word Count – Feb 20, 2016

In keeping with trying to keep all of my writing stats in one place, I’ve updated the figures below to reflect my January stats, as opposed to just whatever I’ve written in February. Feeling incredibly disorganized and I need to get all of these stats accounted for and updated on my Excel spreadsheet. 8:30pm – My Excel spreadsheet is officially updated. Spend the remainder of the evening researching an idea for a fantasy, water-based housing system based on historical locations and trying to not make it sound, oddly enough, like a cruise ship destination. Which, as it turns out, it is. Perfect. Not feeling well so hitting the hay early. D has a fever and we’re both coughing. I think we may have picked up a bug. 02/21/16 7:30am – D’s fever finally broke around midnight. I didn’t get around to posting this last night (obviously). Up and down all night, in part, feeling unwell, and in part,  niggling ear worm that won’t leave (Evita). The only cure for an earworm is to listen to …

Daily Word Count – Feb 19, 2016

Productive day off. I got some 85 pages read in LMM and wrote another blog post in the series.  I may take a day or two off from reading to begin sorting through my notes on an old screenplay I wrote in college and see what I can make of that. And failing that, there’s plenty of writing projects for Avalon that I can attempt and submit for consideration. As my father always told me, “They can always say no. But they might say yes.” Total word count for today: 572 words. Adjusted down by 353 words (my daily word count post [“DWC”] for 02/13/16), so I won’t be counting any of the DWC entries. 2016 Totals To Date: Blogging: Historical Novel Society (book reviews): RPGs (Avalon): Saint Louis Writers Guild (articles): Short Fiction: Untitled Adult Spec Fiction:

Daily Word Count – Feb 18, 2016

I’ve spent the day working and in the lulls purchasing some graphics for the website, updating my sidebar, and finding the handy-dandy word counters you see below (to replace the bulleted list). At this point, I don’t have goals set for 2016, so I’ll be using last year’s goals instead. I didn’t meet any of them fully so it certainly couldn’t hurt to work on them again this year, adjust as needed. Check out the new word counter and let me know what you think. Organized in alphabetical order. #swearssheisntjustprocrastinating Total word count for today: 0 words. 2016 Totals To Date: Blogging: Historical Novel Society (book reviews): RPGs (Avalon): Saint Louis Writers Guild (articles): Short Fiction: Untitled Adult Spec Fiction:

Daily Word Count – Feb 17, 2016

Today I wrote a new blog post that I’ll be sharing with you soon about an experience I had and the lessons that I think can be drawn from it. I’m trying to follow my instincts on what is OK to share online and what isn’t, so bear with me as I try to make a more concerted effort to blog and also, to share my testimony as a Christian. No reading done on LMM today, but I’ve been devouring plenty of blogs and downloaded a new e-book by K.M. Weiland on advanced story structure. I’m debating adding another category to my word tracking and implementing some of these ideas Jessica Abel has on creativity and “idea debt” which I mentioned a few days ago (see entry). Until tomorrow. Total word count for today: 627 words. February 2016 Totals To Date: Avalon: 383 words Blogging: 4,578 words

Daily Word Count – Feb 16, 2016

Decided to keep the cloudy image for my featured graphic — it has all of my favorite colors and a web search this AM resulted in me finding where on earth I originally found it and yes, it’s free to be used in websites and blogs (woot!) Digging into this journal of LMM’s and it just goes on and on, I’m not even at the halfway point yet. Skimming over the introduction, it’s unclear whether in later years she went back and “touched up” the entries. If it were me, I’d certainly do edits. Actually, my diaries were so poorly written that I ought to just burn them but I consider them a time capsule of a sort. So they’re staying put and I shant tell you where I’ve hid them! Progress on reading the LMM journal: 75 pages read (overnight/AM). Total word count for today: 0 words. February 2016 Totals To Date: Avalon: 383 words Blogging: 3,951 words

Daily Word Count – Feb 15, 2016

Woke up this morning pumped to try to dig through my paper files and find a hard copy (complete) of a manuscript I worked on from 2007ish-2011. Only found incomplete copies, and nothing complete on the hard drive (thus far). Bummed. With that failure behind me, I struggled to continue to be productive today. I managed to read 50 or so pages in the complete journals of LMM, and then finish writing a post (I’m working a couple of weeks’ out) about what I’ve read so far. I’m wanting to go home now, the day behind me, and come up with some kind of creative background image so there’s a recurring “featured image” for these posts.  What do you think of either a) a screenshot of my desktop? or b) a series of graphics that are generic like thumb’s up, thumb’s down, etc, to give you an idea, at a glance, of how the day went?  I’m leaning towards the former. Total word count for today: 418 words. February 2016 Totals To Date: Avalon: 383 words Blogging: …

Daily Word Count – Feb 14, 2016

Snow as far as the eye can see. Thought of the day: “You never outgrow wanting a snow day.” Unfortunately, no such luck and I spent the day trudging through snow in my flats and snow-logged socks aren’t the most fun. I have no-one but myself to blame (I need to start paying attention to the weather forecast).  That’s what adults do, right? Pay attention to the weather and the political debates. Sometimes I don’t like being a grownup. The Write Life shared a list of free writing contests you can enter for fiction/non-fiction and poetry. Spent the afternoon researching the entry requirements. Total word count for today: 0 words. February 2016 Totals To Date: Avalon: 383 words Blogging: 3,533 words