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A Poem on Sowing

I spent some time this morning, at the request of a friend, composing a short poem in honor of farming and the gradual transition from winter to the vernal season. It’s so grey here in the Midwest that thoughts of warmer weather and springtime were most welcome. This is the first time I’ve shared this work (as I literally wrote it this morning over a 90-minute period) and it is written with an A-B-C-B scheme. The inspiration for this song was Camille Saint-Saens, “Le Cygne”, from The Carnival of the Animals. I hope you enjoy it. The Fieldworkers’ Song by Lauren Miller Frozen archways of leaf and twig, Underfoot yield as we descend, the shade of spring as yet to come, to sundered fields from winter’s end. Eight plodding hooves of oxen keep, Apace with each furrowing line, as hand steers plough, the rapids churn up earth and stone, beneath bovine. Embers of starlight cast abroad on starry fields, we now await, With hopes aloft and broadcast seeds, in silence as our dreams gestate.

Practicing at Impromptu Poetry

I’ve never exactly excelled at writing things at the drop of a hat. I’m far too focused on producing a polished product or that and the pressures of writing on demand has been something I’ve avoided with a 10-foot pole. Last night however, I had the opportunity to contemplate on a quest with some friends in the gaming world, Avalon the Legend Lives, and composed a short ditty.  I fully confess to having the medley of “Feed the Birds” by American songwriters and brothers Richard and Robert Sherman in mind as a launching point for the rhyming schemes. The sea gulls cry as the dawn breaks the night, and an old fisherman comes into view. “Mend my nets,” he cries, so often, the wise, come bearing nets, far and few. “Nets of pearls, the jewels of the deep, a lady’s fine tresses alone will they keep, bring me the gnarled knots, the balsa wood wrought, Come, mend my nets,” the fisherman cries. Writing fan fiction is of course, never going to lead to anything serious …