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Week 2 In Review

I love apples. Nothing says “Autumn is coming” likes apples. This week, I went to a potluck armed with a tray of Pink Ladies and Granny Smiths and a veritable pint of caramel sauce … over-doing the serving size but for the group that came, we certainly made a noticeable dent. That tells me that I’m not the only one in favor of the humble apple. Growing up, every year or two, my parents would drive us all over an hour to the nearest apple orchard (a state away) and it was always a guess which apples were in season that day. Would it be the Jonathans, that are perfect for baking? Maybe the red or golden delicious, which are great right off the tree?  Or maybe the Granny Smiths, for those who like that tart flavor.  The orchard seemed to stretch on forever and my siblings and I would get lost, chasing down the best, largest, shiniest specimens from the highest, most inward-growing boughs. When our bags were filled to overflowing, I’m quite sure …

Week 50: Shorts, Vampires, Kaleidoscopes and Christmas

This has been a great week.  My first experience with a writers’ critique group went really well.  I’m happy to say that my short short story, “How Coarse The Gold” was not the only science fiction story present, which bodes well for future constructive feedback from writers who know the genre.  The other story read was a hard science-based, apocalyptic thriller (that was fun!).  I also had some laugh-out-loud moments from some of the contemporary fiction pieces and that was really enjoyable as well.

Borderland – Week (I’ve Lost Count)

We’re getting close to the end of November here and this is an update on what’s currently on my desk.  My current work-in-progress (WIP) is ‘Borderland’ (working title).  ‘Borderland’ is set in a pastoral country forced to change as the industrial revolution in human genetics and technology is changing the way people think about humanity, society, and environment. In many ways, Borderland addresses concerns we have today: How does genetics and related research (e.g. stem-cell, cloning, etc) impact the anthropology of a species? Should the environment be protected at all costs? Should technology and its impact on environment take priority? Should a middle-ground be found? Is there a solution to urban poverty, homelessness and the ‘undesirables’ of society? Are there paranormal or supernatural explanations for the odd phenomenon we find in nature or could they be the side-effects of humanity’s tampering? I’ve spent years developing the setting of the world of Borderland and the atmosphere is at times Vernesque in its futuristic technology, reminiscent of Dickens and Gaskell in the addressing of urban poverty and industrialization, noir …

Week 1 Writing Update

As a project, I am going to be posting weekly (or around weekly) updates of my current novel-in-progress, (currently untitled).  I am experimenting with a new style of writing that thus far has worked for me.  I am also beginning to gain some ground on my book and feel confident of a reasonably long first draft before the holiday season begins.