Week 2 In Review

I love apples. Nothing says "Autumn is coming" likes apples. This week, I went to a potluck armed with a tray of Pink Ladies and Granny Smiths and a veritable pint of caramel sauce ... over-doing the serving size but for the group that came, we certainly made a noticeable dent. That tells me that [...]


Week 50: Shorts, Vampires, Kaleidoscopes and Christmas

This has been a great week.  My first experience with a writers' critique group went really well.  I'm happy to say that my short short story, "How Coarse The Gold" was not the only science fiction story present, which bodes well for future constructive feedback from writers who know the genre.  The other story read was [...]

Borderland – Week (I’ve Lost Count)

We're getting close to the end of November here and this is an update on what's currently on my desk.  My current work-in-progress (WIP) is 'Borderland' (working title).  'Borderland' is set in a pastoral country forced to change as the industrial revolution in human genetics and technology is changing the way people think about humanity, [...]