NaNoWriMo Pre-2012

NaNoWriMo pre-2012 is otherwise known as the first four failed attempts at beating NaNoWriMo (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008), all of which failed due to lack of planning, over-planning, too little time actually devoted to working, falling behind, over-commiting during the month of November … you name it.

Actually, this is something I addressed at a talk about NaNoWriMo in 2013 as part of a four-person panel for the St. Louis Writers Guild.

If you dig hard enough in the archives, you may find some random posts about these early years, but here are the basic specs:

2005_participant_transThe Golden Triangle (2005)

Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, Mystery

Audience: Adult

Description:  In Victorian England, an evening at the theater sparks theories of foul play when correspondence ceases between Katherine, an impressionable young woman, and a recently married heiress who has departed to the West Indies. Katherine abandons the safety of home for an oceanic voyage through slave trading ports to discover the truth of her friend’s whereabouts.

Summary: This story originated in a 2005 NaNoWriMo attempt where I was able to keep up with the daily schedule of 1,667 words to complete 10 days in total. The final tally was 15,470.

nano_06_icon_120x240The Desert King (2006)

Genre: Biographical Fiction

Audience: Adult

Description: A biographical fiction look at the life of Abigail, a commoner amongst royals who rivaled for the heart of King David.

Summary: Completed 1 scene at 1,004 words

nano_2007_bannerThe Three Brothers of Carda (2007)

Genre: Fantasy

Audience: YA

Description: A fantasy about three young nobles’ misadventures in love while vying for their father’s throne.

Summary: Completed 1 scene at 1,085 words

NaNoNovember120x238Borderland (2008)

Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction

Audience: Adult

Description: A soldier cum hired gun meets an exotic woman who may hold the answers to his troubled past, but they are on opposite sides of an escalating inter-racial conflict.

Summary: Completed 3 chapters at 3,372 words