First Print Listing!!!

I am so grateful to be included with these two extremely talented ladies. I have so much to learn! If you’re a Christian author, I hope you will consider looking into Steve Laube’s book of publishing resources for writers. And if you’re looking for representation, check out the Metamorphosis website for web form queries (NOT email) if you’d like to submit. Thank you for reading and happy Epiphany!

Takeaways from Attending Jane Friedman’s Masterclass (It Might Surprise You)

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to sit in on a six-hour-long master class with Jane Friedman and I can’t recommend it enough. If she’s doing a class within driving distance and you’re remotely interested in the publishing industry, go. Bookmark this blog post, order those tickets, and come back later to finish reading. Continue reading “Takeaways from Attending Jane Friedman’s Masterclass (It Might Surprise You)”

Perfumed Mystery

Perhaps I should have shared this as soon as it happened, but, recently I attended mass (not today) and when I received the host in my palm, I noticed a perfume that seemed to be coming from the Eucharist. There was a gentleman behind me in line and in front, and I received it from our priest, not a female Eucharistic minister. It should be noting that neither was I wearing perfume that day. So, I’m confident it wasn’t coming from someone in the queue. This is not the first time I’ve encountered sights or sounds or smells unusual in a church service (Catholic or Protestant), but I thought it worth remarking upon.

It was a pleasant, floral fragrance.

Edited: WordPress tells me this is my 500th post on this site. What a beautiful coincidence!