Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This is a personal website associated with author, Lauren Miller. The opinions expressed here, unless  posted by a guest contributing author, represent my own, and not that of my employer(s), past or present.

In the case of a guest contributing author, the opinions expressed remain their own and do not necessarily reflect those of Lauren Miller or

The information presented on this website is provided for entertainment purposes only. I am not providing any legal, medical or other professional advice. I will leave that to people who are trained and qualified to do so.

As a user, you agree to use any information presented here at your own risk.

All text*, images**, and sound files are the intellectual or personal property of Lauren Miller, unless otherwise noted.  This material may not be used, reprinted, or published without prior consent of the author. I do not claim any copyright over video files taken from online sources (such as YouTube), used for reference or for reviewing purposes, and which remain copyrighted by their respective owners.

It is not the intention of the author to offend or harm any party involved, directly or indirectly,  through this website or weblog. That said, I am a Christian and have strong beliefs which I reserve the right to voice on this website or weblog at any time, and am a firm believer in exercising the rights afforded to me by the First Amendment.

As the creator of this website, I reserve the right to change the look, content and focus of this website, to shut it down or sell it, at my discretion.

I am not responsible for the privacy practices of any sponsors or advertisers featured on this website or weblog.  I promise never to share or sell your information  to another company. Your privacy is as important to me as my own. That is, very important.

I reserve the right to reprint comments and other feedback received (i.e. for the purpose of testimonials, reviews, FAQs etc). When submitting comments/feedback, please list your name and information as you would like it to appear (i.e. Anonymous, J. Doe, John D., John Doe). If you would rather this information not be publicly shared, or if it has already inadvertently appeared on this website or weblog, please notify me as soon as possible so any corrections can be made. You may contact me here.

I reserve the right to make changes to this document at any time.

*This does not apply to summaries of books made available for press by the author(s)/publisher(s), or excerpts from said books (or poetry), which remain the copyright of their respective owners, unless they fall in the public domain.
**As of January 2016, with the exception of personal photos, or media covers (taken from Goodreads or Amazon), post images featured on this blog are in the public domain or fall under the Creative Commons CC0 license, and attribution to their creators was not required.