Each of the following short stories are available as a free downloadable PDF. All audio is available as a free downloadable MP3. Enjoy!


Thargeil’s Well
A prequel todownload_btn Borderland. Agent Nine tracks Avi who has gone to ground, or rather, underground, amidst an encampment of Nightseekers. (7 pages)
The Blessing of San Rocco
download_btn In 17th century Italy, Carnevale is at risk when masqued bearers of the plague join the revelries. (5 pages)
The Suitcase and the Seine
download_btnSometimes we don’t always know what we’re looking for until it manifests itself to us. (7 pages)
The Stranger From Uphill
download_btnA fable about a peddler. (4 pages)
download_btnA French Affair
Inspired by Jane Austen’s timeless classic, this short story is a prequel to Pride and Prejudice, following an earlier generation of strong women in the Bennet family. (6 pages)
download_btnThe Man in the Fedora
When a rogue geneticist engages in exploratory science with ethical ambiguity, will his actions be a career-ender or inspire a dawning age of designer drugs? (5 pages)


An Eose Lullaby
A stanza inspired by characters in Avalon, the Legend Lives. download_btn
The Coconut Song
A children’s song about monkeys who have a little too much fun. download_btn
Personification of a Mouse
A narrative poem about a mouse’s adventures. download_btn
The Wreck of the Eosphorus
A narrative poem inspired by characters in Avalon, the Legend Lives. download_btn

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