Each of the following short stories are available as a free downloadable PDF. All audio is available as a free downloadable MP3. Enjoy!


Thargeil’s Well

A prequel to Borderland.
Agent Nine tracks Avi who has gone to ground, or rather, underground, amidst an encampment of Nightseekers. (7 pages) download_btn

The Blessing of San Rocco
In 17th century Italy, Carnevale is at risk when masqued bearers of the plague join the revelries. (5 pages)

The Suitcase and the Seine
Sometimes we don’t always know what we’re looking for until it manifests itself to us. (7 pages)

The Stranger From Uphill
A fable about a peddler. (4 pages)

A French Affair Inspired by Jane Austen’s timeless classic, this short story is a prequel to Pride and Prejudice, following an earlier generation of strong women in the Bennet family. (6 pages)

The Man in the Fedora When a rogue geneticist engages in exploratory science with ethical ambiguity, will his actions be a career-ender or inspire a dawning age of designer drugs? (5 pages)


An Eose Lullaby

A stanza inspired by characters in Avalon, the Legend Lives. download_btn

The Coconut Song

A children’s song about monkeys who have a little too much fun. download_btn

Personification of a Mouse

A narrative poem about a mouse’s adventures. download_btn

The Wreck of the Eosphorus

A narrative poem inspired by characters in Avalon, the Legend Lives. download_btn

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