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Shannon Hale Visits St. Louis

Wednesday night was the single best author event I have ever attended (sorry Gregory Maguire). There I was, a 30-something female reader going solo, surrounded by a large crowd of teenage girls and their parents, teachers, or youth group leaders.  Those girls were excited. Shannon was at St. Louis County Library (SLCL) Headquarters to promote her newest venture, Ever After High, which already has its own line of dolls (ala the Monster High variety), courtesy of Mattel.  In addition to answer the slew of questions from her (mostly) younger audience, Shannon treated us to her rap version of one of the songs in Ever After High. First off, I cannot believe how substantive the questions were coming in from such a young crowd.  These girls (as a whole) really knew Shannon Hale’s books and asked some great questions.  Maybe we had some future writers in the crowd. 😉 Shannon also revealed that she is a mother of four (including twins) and that (I think) this was her first time visiting STL.  Next stop on the list …

Lauren Miller Profiled on the Scribbler

STL Scribblers is a local critique group that I’m involved in where writers can workshop their projects, network and learn writing techniques.  Eric Lundgren, who runs the group, invited me over for an interview this month on the STL Scribblers’ literary blog. You can check out the full interview here. I like the Scribbler enough to recommend it on my website.  Eric shares great information on the literary world from guest posts, interviews, book reviews and events to his own literary essays.  Check out his coverage of the Greater St. Louis Book Fair (I love his sense of humor).

LMB Mentioned by Maria Grace, Regency Book Author

Maria Grace, author of Darcy’s Decision and The Future Mrs. Darcy checked out my blog recently and posted a link for her readers to take a look at my review of Rogues and Romance. The mention was such a lovely surprise this morning. 🙂 Welcome Maria Grace readers! I post new book reviews on Fridays covering historical fiction, romances and fantasy fiction. Jane Austen is a passion of mine and so I cover several new Regency titles a year.  Here are some book reviews of Regency and Regency-inspired works you may enjoy. Listed by author:

LMB Featured in StL Arts Daily

I’m a little late getting this out but a friend emailed me yesterday morning letting me know that was promoted on the magazine, StL Arts Daily (link).  Thanks T.W. for the head’s up and the Twitter mention! For those of you unfamiliar with, it’s an online service that allows anybody to be their own curator/editor and publisher of content. The news article from my blog was my post about the Robert Randisi event this Thursday.  For more information, check out the original post here. Since news headlines change daily, for those of you who may have missed here, here was a screen print I took.  (Hint: check out the bottom of the image, on the right).

Honolulu Writer and MNINB Member Spotlights Book Bloggers

This is a shout-out to Honolulu writer, Lara Britt.  On Wednesday, May 9th, Lara featured a group of book bloggers on her website and guess what… was one of them!  Check out the full listing at Writing Space. Thanks Lara! Lara and I are both members of the #MNINB tribe created during Robert Lee Brewer’s April Platform Challenge (2012).  Check out the series for the MNINB Challenge here.