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Jessica Rules the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey (Jessica #2)

In the vampire world, a dream of a wooden stake is an omen of betrayal.  Shortly after their marriage, Jessica and Lucius are preparing for a big conference where they must prove that they can lead in order to become king and queen.  Unfortunately, Jessica doesn’t know a word of Romanian and the girl from Hicksville, USA doesn’t immediately take to life as a princess. She relies closely on help from her Dragomir clan, including Dorin (whom we met in the first book), Ylenia (sort of a Jessica wanna-be), and Raniero Vladescu, a surfer guy who’s a friend of Lucius’. Things get complicated fast when an Elder is murdered and Lucius’ stake is found soaked in his blood. If Jessica wants to maintain true neutrality, she has no choice but to lock Lucius up.  Fantaskey places a time lock on the mystery to force her protagonist to wrap things up but I won’t spoil how or what happens from that point on.  Needless to say, your favorite characters lives are endangered, betrayal is rampant, and …

Jessica’s Guide To Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey (Jessica #1)

The rest of the book sets us up for the sequel in which Jessica struggles with denial of her identity and an attraction to Jake, one of her peers. One of the things the author does well (and is fun) is after about Chapter 7 or so, we begin having insight into Lucius’ motives in the letters he begins writing home to his uncle. The book may seem intimidating with 60+ chapters but you just zip through them as each has a single incident or scene in their lives ultimately culminating in Jessica’s confrontation of Lucius in their homeland and her struggles to prevent an all-out vampire war.