Elusive Beauty

Taken yesterday with my iPhone. The blue morpho butterflies are currently hatching and mating. There were thousands of them. Quite a marvelous sight. I'm told by repeat visitors that nighttime is actually the best time to capture still shots as they are less active. I was pleased with this photo however.


On Entomology, and Biophilia by Christopher Marley

Part of me always wanted to be an entomologist, except for the whole collecting bugs bit of it. Every time I think of pushing pins into a butterfly's body, I just shrink back in horror.  Maybe that's just urban myth or maybe it's not even done that way anymore.  Regardless, that's sort of why I [...]

In Search of the Blue Morpho

The Morpho Peleides, also known as the Blue Morpho, or The Emperor, is native to Mexico, Trinidad, Central America and some parts of S. America.  This spring saw a kaleidoscope of Blue Morphos butterflies released at the Butterfly House.  Although the height of their season was in March, this past Sunday promised to be a [...]