A Little Night Magic by Lucy March (NodAway Falls #1)

march_nightmagicCan Olivia find the courage and self-control to harness her power to protect those she loves and maybe, just maybe, find a little of true love in her own life?

My Thoughts: 

A hero/ine (orphan) discovering their magical talents and family background may be a common trope (Harry Potter anyone?) but I did enjoy this version of the tale, set in a sleepy New York State town.

The novel focuses on the friendship Olivia shares with girlfriends, Peach, Millie and Stacy. As a female reader, it was a refreshing change to see a heroine whose friends are an active part in her life.

I also liked (and found frustrating) the almost-relationship between Tobias, the cook at the diner, and Olivia.  Olivia, we need to have a talk about not jumping into bed at the first opportunity with someone you’ve been crushing on for ages.  How can you rely on a guy like that?

You’ll find the clever creations absolutely adorable from the origami bird to the coffee mug bunny, to the mouth-watering pastries conjured by different magical characters.

This book made me begin thinking about magical powers in the everyday and I think it will for you too.

Questions For Readers:

  • Do you believe in magic?
  • If you had a magical power, what would it be?

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