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(Day 20) Create An Editorial Calendar

Today’s task was to create an editorial calendar.  This is something that I have attempted to do over and over again, with little success.  I’ve tried theme days like “Sunday Sketches”, also just writing whatever I feel like on any given day (the completely unstructured approach).  For a look back at what my editorial calendar was at the beginning of the year, see this post. The steady column on my website here seems to be my Friday Reads column where I read and review a book each week.  You can check out the link to the series here. I plan on revising this calendar and seriously considering what the best I have to offer to you, dear readers, is.  Maybe that means not posting daily.  Maybe it also means that I don’t have a gimmick or a theme day each week, or each month.  Right now, I don’t know. What I do know is that I want to offer you the best I’ve got, each time I post and if I can’t do that, then …

(Day 19) Write a Blog Post

For today’s challenge, I wrote a book review that will appear tomorrow on Friday, April 20th, 2012.  The book review is When in Doubt, Add Butter by Beth Harbison. Edited on 05/12/12: The link to the book review can be found here.   Want to keep in touch? Follow me on Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, or @lmillerbooks on Twitter. Stop by at Goodreads to discuss your favorite reads. Subscribe today to receive the latest posts delivered to your inbox or by RSS Feed.

(Day 10) Vanity Searches on Google

 Today’s challenge at Robert Lee Brewer’s blogwas to search our own names on multiple search engines to check out our ranking.  SEO has a lot to do with where we are ranked and hopefully later this month we’ll be learning something about how to improve SEO for our websites. Some lucky commenters had an unusual enough last name that theirs appeared in the top rankings.  If you have a common name, like “Joe Smith” (or Lauren Miller) then it might be pages before your name or website makes an appearance. Short of understanding and implementing SEO, what are some ways to improve your ranking? Consider creating a brand to stand behind.  One woman, Joanne Penn, made her brand The Creative Penn which I thought was a clever name for a writer’s website.  Randy Ingermanson’s blog is, and just by getting ‘fiction’ and ‘writing’ into his blog name, you know he’s got to be getting a lot of traffic from his target audience — people interested in learning how to write. You might try using your …

(Day 9) Building Followers on Twitter

This morning’s task over at the April Platform Challenge is found here. By now we are already communicating with other Tweeps on Twitter and carrying on conversations so today’s task was actually quite easy. Without realizing it, I had completed the task before I knew it had begun!  What is the end in mind to developing followers on Twitter?

(Day 8) Connect on LinkedIn

Happy Easter Everybody! Today’s challenge over at Robert Lee Brewer’s blog was to create a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a professional networking social media site, comparable to  You can connect with former classmates, co-workers, former co-workers, or people you may know professionally (or want to get to know through a friend). Here’s a preview of what my LinkedIn profile looks like: Of course, in addition to that summary, I have a WordPress plug-in that automatically feeds all my latest blog posts here to my LinkedIn profile.  I also list my professional experience, my educational background and honors received. Want to connect with me on LinkedIn? Click on the image above to be re-directed to my LinkedIn profile. You can also look me up by my email address,  I look forward to connecting with you!