Game Review – Adventure Escape: Murder Manor

Adventure Escape: Murder Manor

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By: Haiko Games
Rating: All Ages
Cost: FREE

Detective Emma Grey is invited to dine at Wickham Manor when her car breaks down outside, but little did she expect murder before the main course!

Use your best detective skills to solve nine chapters of puzzles, brain teasers and identify the killer before he (or she!) strikes again.

This is a point and click adventure game with puzzles in increasing complexity as each chapter progresses you further in the ‘story’ of this murder mystery.

Strong points: Lovely graphics, a bit of a quirky attempt to appeal to Jane Austen fans (count the references as you go), hints can be earned as you solve puzzles with a points value that can be spent towards clues for other puzzles. This is not a hidden object game — it’s definitely a “figure out which wires go where”, “what is the bank safe combination code?”, “how do I use X to find Y?” type of reasoning. That said, I found the puzzles challenging, especially the ones where you could take multiple approaches to try to solve it, but only the last attempt is correct.

Weak points: Theoretically you could run out of hints as the clues are revealed in ‘stages’, each clue is a bigger spoiler but costs more hints. I never ran out of hints so I’m not sure what happens if you use them all. Another problem area is if you get stuck and quit a chapter (and a chapter may have multiple puzzles), the next time you pick up where you left off, you have to re-start the chapter. I also found navigation to be a little confusing as some puzzles took place in multiple rooms but there was not always a clear arrow or back button to help you move from one room into another.

Overall, it’s enjoyable for a few hours of gameplay and it’s free (as of the time of this printing), so if you enjoy detective games, check it out and let me know what you think!

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Game Review – Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink

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Clicking on the icon will re-direct you to the sales page.

Clicking on the icon will re-direct you to the sales page.

Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink (Full)
By: Artifex Mundi
Rating: All Ages
Price: $4.99

Dr. Ambrose Ink and his clockwork falcon, Matthew, are attempting to uncover the source for a series of catastrophic earthquakes and their search leads them to Hochwald Castle, the home of the Barber family. As Agent Evangeline Glass, you arrive to assist him in his research to discover he’s vanished!

So this is basically a puzzle game with an adventure storyline. It’s a steampunk themed adventure with gorgeous graphics and it’s relatively straightforward in terms of gameplay. Examples of puzzles include repairing the clockwork falcon and navigating through a dirigible without being caught.

I believe this was a game I obtained in a free promo on Amazon’s Kindle Store and at last check, it was $4.99. As a free game, it was a fun couple of hours’ playing. Would I pay $4.99 for it? That’s a harder question. It’s cheaper than a movie ticket and for the amount of work, the artists/creators deserve some form of payment. With me, a lot depends on playability. I think I’d be more likely to play this again if there were multiple endings possible (and I don’t recall that there are).

If you do enjoy puzzle games — and I certainly do — I’d recommend giving this a shot!

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