Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson #3)

briggs_ironkissedThe term “Iron Kissed” is Mercy’s word for describing Zee, a Gremlin who isn’t really a gremlin because the term was invented only about a couple of hundred years ago and Zee is a LOT older than that.  Mercy bent the rules and used a borrowed fae item twice in Blood Bound and Uncle Mike and Zee need a non-magical person to investigate the scene so they call in a favor.  During the investigation, Mercy finds herself and her friends endangered by her nose and the company she keeps.

[spoiler]Zee is found at one of the crime scenes with blood on his hands and is charged with murder.[/spoiler]

Nobody threatens Mercy’s friends without her having a say in it and it’s up to Mercy to face the Grey Lords, the fae community, and some fae-hating political groupies to find the true killer before someone offs her friends.

I love the incorporation of German in the fae’s speech and the connection between the original folklore and stories like the Brothers Grimm with the worldbuilding that Briggs has created.  Lovely!  The transition between normal to extraordinary is so seamless, you step with Mercy into Underhill and back again and I could almost smell the sea.  Briggs worldbuilding again leaves me wishing there really were an Underhill to travel to, if I could just avoid the selkies.

For those readers following along with the Mercy Thompson books, what is your favorite type of non-human character so far?  Who would you want to be?  Where would you like to travel to?

Grab a cuppa and let’s chat about it!


Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson #2)

Blood-Bound-184x3001Mercy is back in Book 2 of the Mercy Thompson series by paranormal fiction writer Patricia Briggs.  

What absolutely draws me into these books is the world that Briggs has created.  It feels real.  Half of me wants to take a trip up to the Tri-Cities to meet the werewolves, but maybe not the vampires.  Great sense of mystery and the story keeps you turning the pages.  I’ve snuck reading time in on the road, in bed, and almost everywhere in between.  Except church. I can’t bring myself to read paranormal romances during church.

I’m also a sucker for romances and there’s plenty of that kind of tension too.  Briggs tastefully deals with the love triangle (or is it quadrangle?) with Mercy by making her the kind of girl not to rush into things.  She doesn’t want to be hurt the way she has been abandoned by her parents.  I adore this series by Patricia Briggs and I strongly recommend you check these out if you enjoy paranormal fiction.  Check them out and let me know your thoughts.

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson #1)

briggs_mooncalledPatricia Briggs introduces us to an alternate universe where werewolves and witches, shapeshifters, fey and vampires live largely unnoticed by humans. In the Tri-Cities area, Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson is a bad-ass mechanic who has connections to several magical beings but she tries to keep a low-profile. She’s a “walker” which means she’s a shapeshifter (into a coyote).

Fans of Twilight and the Vampire Diaries will love this book. It’s a must-read for Urban Fiction readers. This was a can’t-put-it-down novel for me. It kept me excited and plugged into the characters from the first page. The book has a great rhythm. Given that it’s the first in a long series, we don’t get too in-depth into the characters but Briggs gives us enough to show that the characters are complex and they engage our interest.

Some of the colorful characters include Zee, a gremlin; Bran, the Marrok (the head Alpha over all other packs); his sons Charles and Samuel; and Stefan Uccello, a vampire and member of the area seethe (vampire group). There’s also her sexy neighbor, Adam Hauptman, who is the Alpha of the werewolf pack in the area and his daughter, Jesse.

The second book in the “Mercy Thompson” series is entitled Blood Bound. Expect a review as soon as I can get my hands on it. Have an awesome Friday folks!