Game Review – Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink

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Clicking on the icon will re-direct you to the sales page.

Clicking on the icon will re-direct you to the sales page.

Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink (Full)
By: Artifex Mundi
Rating: All Ages
Price: $4.99

Dr. Ambrose Ink and his clockwork falcon, Matthew, are attempting to uncover the source for a series of catastrophic earthquakes and their search leads them to Hochwald Castle, the home of the Barber family.¬†As Agent Evangeline Glass, you arrive to assist him in his research to discover he’s vanished!

So this is basically a puzzle game with an adventure storyline. It’s a steampunk themed adventure with gorgeous graphics and it’s relatively straightforward in terms of gameplay. Examples of puzzles include repairing the clockwork falcon and navigating through a dirigible without being caught.

I believe this was a game I obtained in a free promo on Amazon’s Kindle Store and at last check, it was $4.99. As a free game, it was a fun couple of hours’ playing. Would I pay $4.99 for it? That’s a harder question. It’s cheaper than a movie ticket and for the amount of work, the artists/creators deserve some form of payment. With me, a lot depends on playability. I think I’d be more likely to play this again if there were multiple endings possible (and I don’t recall that there are).

If you do enjoy puzzle games — and I certainly do — I’d recommend giving this a shot!

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