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The Readers’ Advisory Interview

This is a Readers’ Advisory technique that calls for “direct questioning” between the bookseller or librarian and the reader to discern the individual’s reading preferences and tastes and use quick-reading techniques to recommend books (see Tapas For Readers). This is a follow-up post to the training I attended at the 2012 Library Skills Winter Institute in Columbia, MO.

2012 Library Skills Winter Institute (Update)

On February 27th- March 1st, 2012, the 2012 Winter Institute was hosted at the Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center for library professions and was sponsored by the Missouri State Library and the Office of the Secretary of State, Robin Carnahan.  This winter had three courses offered: Basics, Cataloging, and Readers’ Advisory.  I attended the course on Readers’ Advisory, led by Kaite Stover, of the Kansas City Public Library ( Readers’ Advisory is the practice of assisting readers with finding new books by making suggestions. Kaite was gracious enough to allow me to share with my readers some of the content she discussed in the course and I am pleased to do so in an upcoming article.  As a preview, some of the topics for discussion will include: The Language of Readers and How To Communicate What You Like About A Book (its “appeal”) How To Read A Book In 15 Minutes How To Conduct A Readers’ Advisory Interview Please check back here next week for more on this exciting aspect of books and librarianship.