A Weekend With Mr. Darcy by Victoria Connelly (Austen Addicts #1)

connelly_weekendThis was a delightful confection of a novel!  I absolutely adored my Weekend With Mr. Darcy. This feel-good cozy chick lit read is the perfect accompaniment for a girl’s night in.  I was left envious of all the Janeites out there who attend the annual Regency conferences and balls as a result of reading this book.  I may even make plans to attend one, one of these days.  🙂

The plot is fairly predictable but then, it’s right for the genre.  [spoiler]The complete failure of Warwick to portray one of his own heroes was a nice surprise as is his real identity… I laughed out loud from the beginning at the situation he finds himself in.  You’ll worry along as you see the trouble he finds himself in wooing Katherine and in his redemption.[/spoiler]

One thing I loved about this book was the dual romances present. Not only do we have Katherine and Warwick, we also have the love triangle between Robyn, her boyfriend, Jace, and the handsome Dan.  You’ll grimace at the proposal scene and hold your breath when Robyn finds the stable empty…

There’s a lot to love about this book.  Check it out for yourself.