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Tech Talk: Setting Up Scrivener’s Word Counter

  With your Scrivener project open, click Project – Show Project Target. The project word tracker will appear in the lefthand side of your Scrivener project. By default, the targets are going to be set to 0. “Edit” allows you to change the total word count (ex: 50,000 words), and “Options” will allow you to select the days you want to write and auto-calculate the words per day. You’ll want to leave “Count text written anywhere in the project” NOT checked. ┬áMake sure you leave the top 2 options checked. This will only count what’s written in the Manuscript section of the binder and not any miscellaneous research, notes or outlines, etc. that you include elsewhere in the project. If you basically leave these settings alone, you’re going to end up with a useful word counter that turns colors as you get closer to your word count. Any questions? ┬áLeave a comment and let’s talk.