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2014 Year-End Review (Writer's Edition)

It’s time for Part 1 of my Year-End Review, it’s the Writer’s Edition! As I’m hoping to do this again for 2015, and there are SO MANY aspects of the creative life, I’ve decided to create some categories for myself and break down the good and the bad and go from there. This is a UBER-LONG post (almost 2500 words) so be ready for a good sit-down. The four categories are: Equipment and Expenditures Community Outreach and Speaking Press/Marketing Writing Output These aren’t listed in order of priority but they are the order in which I began jotting things down.  I’ve lumped things together that perhaps deserve their own category so feedback is appreciated. For me, this is an experiment in transparency,  accountability (and hopefully) being able to measure long-term growth.

2014 Year-End Review (Overview)

 For the past few years, I’ve been an avid follower of Chris Guillebeau’s blog and probably more interested in his annual reviews than in some of his travel adventures. I first heard about the concept of doing regular reviews from Michael Hyatt, who has a few great posts on weekly reviews and quarterly reviews. If you’re a spreadsheet kind of girl, I recommend both Chris and Michael’s spreadsheets on time management (Chris: annual review tool), Michael: annual time block tool). Thinking ahead to the possibility of doing a review on my own website, I asked friends/followers on social media whether they’d like to see more transparency/vulnerability from bloggers and the answer was a resounding “Yes”. I’ve spent a few weeks pondering everything that’s happened this past year and I’ve decided to break my ‘Year-End Review’ into two posts — a “Writer’s Edition” and a “Reader’s Edition”. Check this space later this week for both posts — if the writing edition gets to be too long, I may break it into multiple posts (we’ll see!). Have a great …