The Scribe, a literary magazine of the St. Louis Writers Guild.  Roles:

  • Contributing Staff Writer, (July 2012-Present)
  • Managing [Print] Editor, (Mar 2016-December 2017).
  • Managing [Online] Editor, (December 2017-Present)

All non-fiction & poetry entries, unless otherwise noted, are credited as “Lauren Miller”.


Articles appear in chronological order.

Book Reviews

Reviews are in alphabetical order by author, then by title.



Poems appear in order by title.

  • On Autumn – Published in The Poet’s Art (Islandia, NY), June 2011
  • On Spring – Published in The Poet’s Art (Islandia, NY), June 2011

Miscellaneous Contributions

  • Various small contributions made to an online gaming community, Avalon the Legend Lives (UK), 2005-2015.
  • Newsletter coordinator for the St. Louis Writers Guild, January 2015-Present.